That one is still on the market today. BEST GUM EVER. Oh so delicious. Your Price: $24.00. I grew up in Wisconsin and we bought it all the time in the penny candy section of our neighborhood meat market. I'm 58 and can remember getting it when I was little. I found this gum's wrapper today, when cleaning a home here in Seattle. Please somebody make it again before I leave this world! It was coated with powdered sugar, and at two sticks for a penny could not be beat! Somebody get the recipe and start making it again ! Of course Chum gum was my favorite. 1. Somewhere there is the recipe in someone chest. Going off in washington dc I got my chum gum from the corner store next to saint theresa's school in anacostia washington dc. I still remember the anticipation as I opened the wrapper, the powder, the amazing smell and taste. I do remember them and, sadly, they havent been around for many years. If not treated, gingivitis can advance to periodontitis and eventual tooth loss. Then you pop it, stick it back in your mouth and start another bubble. The commercial used to feature fruit falling throug the ceiling and landing on people making them go bonkers. It seems like that happens everytime they sell something so good. In the 1990s, Skittles came in the form . The store (8500 Sheridan Rd.) Today, gum is sold in a variety of shapes and flavors . Your article shows one picture with a blue wrapper. Afterwards, I thought I'd do an online search of CG. delicious flavors especially banana. Cinnamon and spearmint, especially. Wish it was still made. As kids we loved it. Beemans is sporadically produced by Cadbury Adams as a nostalgia gum, along with the other historic gums Clove and Black Jack. They didn't have any, but, it was a good time anyway. theres an emty spot in me. It had a unique and delicious taste. Bubble Gum Eggs from Arcor, Individually wrapped. Mr. Canning called his new gum Dentyne which is a combination of the words "dental" and "hygiene." Dentyne Gum Memories Bill. It is the best ever!! I remember eating them frozen at the South Park Swimming Pool on Corrigan Drive as a youngster. As for Christmas Hard Candy Mix, we are currently sold out but expect to see them next year! Loved it. Do they still make them? I wish it would come back. Why did we complicate things??? It was the best bubble gum ever made. Wow! NOT KitKats - Kits - those square wrapped taffys -in banana, chocolate, strawberry flavors - I think they came three to a package. They company had Wacky Wafer candy bags with little bunnies, eggs, and Easter basket shaped Wafers. Sadly, these were discontinued many . We all stopped at the corner store on the way home from school each day and buy them.YUMMMMMM !! I should be able to find them today. I am 69 and I also loved Chum gum. Years of searching, this was the only printed Chum Gum reference I could find. Its been around for years. So a few weeks or few months later I asked her to check online and see if she could order a case of these directly from Brachs. If our proceeds were an odd number, we would buy a one cent Chum Gum with the odd penny because it had two pieces of gum and we could split the penny. MY SIS AND I MISS IT. My siblings don't even remember it! i think they were about 2x2 square. So many different types of gum came out in those years that it was challenging to compete against them. like others on here, no one i've ever talked to about it remembers it. I have used them for more than 30 years. Maybe the makers of Chum Gum put a special ingredient to make us want it, kind of like cigarettes or something! Ithought I was the only person that miss this gum I lived in Palo Alto,California and use to buy it at the corner store Garden Supermarket, Boy that was the best bubble gum ever. Is this a temporary thing?. The colors were red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. Bet I could have a large market for it. Chum Gum Alum. Re: Chum Gum. So we googled it and there are people who remember the good old days of candy, gum, and pop and growing up without a care in the world. WHERE CAN I FIND CHUM GUM? But I too remember this as the best gum ever2 pieces wrapped together in the white, blue & red wrapper for only 1 penny. //-->, Loading images, if this message doesn't go away you may need to enable javascript in order to see pictures. Bring back. This is great that I am not the only one who remembers this gum it was the best ever!! I used to ride my bike about s mile to Campbells Drug store on the corner of Atlantic blvd and ocean blvd. When I was a young girl in the sixties and early seventies there was a hard candy (much like the jolly ranchers of today) called twists. Certs I miss you but I have tons of memories. lol. The rumors of old fans are that no other gum has been able to compare to this delightful option, although its not for lack of trying. We could get into the old State Theater for 10 RC Cola bottle caps and watch the kiddie matinees, so all week long it was the "big hunt" at the gas stations to ask the employee's there to open the soda machines and let us have the bottle caps. I grew up in south Georgia and used to buy Chum Gum all the time. It was like nothing else Ive ever tasted and was delicious! Chum Gum was the best gum in the world. While its no longer here, you can reminisce with Dubble Bubble and appreciate the time it was here and successful. I grew up in Kansas city, Kansas and bought Chum Gum at Newits market in the penny candy section. LOL And I would be crazy enough to pay a dollar for 2 pieces I really liked it! You have to advertise your product. Unfortunately, they were as messy as they were moreish, thanks to the low melting point of the chocolate. I would love to have it back on the shelves. Hmmm? And I swear as God is my witness that my first reaction was OMG, this stuff tastes just like CHUM GUM!!! You could smell it if it was in someone's pocket, that's how alluring the scent of it was! Fleer originally developed a bubble gum formulation called Blibber-Blubber in 1906. Looked at the ingredients and they now have mixed in synthetic sweeteners and other crap. If anyone does bring it back, I hope they make it the way they used to and not w/ artificial sweetners they way the did when they brought back 'Fizzies'. We had Chum Gum in Dallas Texas in the 60's. IN TRAVEL I TRIED TO FIND THIS GUM IT IS SO SAD THE COMPANY STOPPED MAKING IT. I used to buy it in Burbank, Illinois, where I grew up. A 5 stick pack was a penny. If I could just go back. I would buy it at Bruce's store across from my high school, everyone who went to GWHS chewed it. Unfortunately, they stopped producing it in 1971 so it hasnt been available for a lot of years now. Chum gum was the best!!! My best friend and neighbor, Brian, and I, after sharing some moneymaking enterprise, would split the proceeds and go to the corner store (Woodlawn Foods in Seattle) and buy penny candy. I grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa in the 1950's. PLEASE!!! When my Mom passed away, my sister and I were recalling the days when we were kids and unbelievable, but we spoke about the Chum Gum and how we'd fight over that dang stuff! My boyfriend's parents owned a small grocery store and I swear I dated him for the gum! Let us all write Tootsie Pop and request its return. The stick would break up in pieces with a couple of bites and took some time to combine into one piece. Chum Gum was the bestused to get it at the store on the corner of Irving and Damen where Lincoln intersects in Chicago. There is NOTHING on the market like it , what a hit they would be !! When I was a kid, my favorite candy bars were Milkshake candy bars and Marathon bars. Sure wish Fleer would produce this again. For 5 cents I could get a candy bar and 2 packages of Chum Gum. Might be a big hit again. I miss the gum, or maybe everything about being a child in that time. I thought people forgot the greatest gum ever! These mints were more that a breath mint, they were an institution. My grandparents owned a small hamburger joint & they sold MILKSHAKE candy bars. Everyone I've ever mentioned it to has never heard of it. Our family owned a mom and pop grocery store in Depauw, IN and Chum Gum was my favorite treat! I'm 65. they were fantastic and the start to my love of sour candies, and theyre gone. You bite off each end and use if as a straw. Well she spoke about this gum and how much she loved it so I just had to go on E-Bay and get a stick for her. They were relish!!! Yep I also grew up on chum gum and until recently haven't found anything close, but check out Ford Gum company and the gum called bologna and hotdog gum is as close as I've found.I got it in Santa Fe New Mexico at Walgreens. You're welcome, Dave, and thanks for reading! Sadly, Maple Nut Goodies were discontinued by the manufacturer along with so many other delightful Brachs product. CHUM GUM HAD A TASTE ALL IT'S OWN.I GREW UP ON IT. I LIVE IN WASHINGTON DC BROUGHT A PACK FROM A MARKET FEW YEARS AGO. im jonesing for one. Tootsie Roll has displayed no interest in reviving Chum Gum. that and Milk Duds (the old ones without that crappy shiny finish) I used to as a kid get them at the little green store in Appleton Wi.i went to that store foe 10 yrs and didnt know it by its real name,but it was little and green, I GRE UP IN CHICAGO WITH CHUM GUM AND THOSE HOT DOG GUMS AND WONDERFUL BLOMMERS CHOCOLATE. There was little demand for Chum Gum after it was dropped. In the 1920s Sorry to see them go. Since our company was founded in 1927, many of your favorite sweets have come and gone through our doors and we have provided a list of them here. They don't make em like they used to. Chew. Oh, well. Do they still make bubbaloo gum? We were in heaven when we found those. I loved it as a kid. Waaaaah! Are clorets still available? It was the best!!! Chum Gum was a Fleer exclusive, there were no past or present copycats out there. This group of people said that they never heard of it so I told them to goggle it and maybe it would show up. I'm still friends with some of the people that grew up with me. If someone does bring it back, please don't wreck it like they have wrecked Bazooka, YUCK. I have searched also for Chum Gum, funny no one I know remembers it either. I am 58 and I recall it very well when I was in grade school. Not only did this have the most fabulous flavor, but it had such a wonderfully smooth texture - not all gritty and sugary like regular bubblegum. Heidi: Your only hope may be to contact Tootsie Roll, which bought out Fleer, and only sells the ex-Fleer product of today: Double Bubble. CHUM GUM ---YUM!!! We couldn't but it at Chalks store we had to go a little further down the street to Hans Variety to get it. Yum, the smell and powdery coating, the texture and great bubbles. After all, it came from the same brand and had a lot of the same qualities as well. Treasure Island stores distinctly had wavy rooftops or front facades. Im 67 yers old and would purchase a case of Chum Gum if we could find it. always had that powder coating on it. Chum Gum was my favorite. No one I speak to about it seems to remember it. This company sold a stick, spearmint-flavored chewing gumnamed Chum Gum! I remember chum gum from the fifties, Allens grocery,in Ault Colorado, was my source. They made it into a round barrel shape and colored it pink. Walters Variety Store in Riverside, CA. We used to smash the frozen ones and eat the little frozen bite size pieces. Chocolate Babies; Chocolite; Chum Gum; Clark Bars - discontinued when NECCO went out of business in 2018, but they are now available in a new format called Clark Cups. i grew up in grand forks,n.d. and no one i know remembers this gum. Name one other bubble gum besides Chum Gum that holds it shape when you took it out of your mouth (by twisting the end). Takes me back to my childhood every time ( I am 57). loved it in the 50's. A friend and I in Silver Spring, MD would take my 25 cents allowance (in 1952) and buy about 50 sticks of Chum-Gum and chew all sticks at once to see who could blow the biggest bubbles. Yesterday after my daughter's birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel, I happened upon that oh-so-delicious smell of Chum Gum in their store. THE GOOD OLD DAYS. google_color_link = "A74403"; We each got a nickle to spend from the return money. The Old Time Candy Company, a business . The crocadile did the commercial. I wish it would make a comeback. There is a site to buy old time candy, but they didn't have it. i loved this gum. You can make some handy chum blocks doing this. loaded up a bag of penny candy like red licorice, hot dog gums, candy lipstick and best of all chum gum !! Snack History maintains its neutrality. I got to get it every weekend at the skating rink in Cleveland they charged 2 sticks for a 5cents. I used to buy Chum Gum in St. Mary's, Pa at Johnson's Market, next to the Market Basket grocery store. Can't believe so many people remembered that great tasting gum. I still remember the royal blue wrapper with a kid's silhouette on it blowing a big bubbleand the gum itself was the pinkest of pinkand you got TWO sticks for a penny. History says that Chum Gum was produced from 1950 to exactly 1971. It has comforted you in times of need, or helped celebrate a special occasion. +$12.55 shipping. I grew up in Chicago in the 1950's and chum gum was and still is the BEST tasting gum I've ever tried. Hopefully the maker will produce again. Altoids more than most. I want more. im 57 and i well remember the taste and texture of the world's greatest gum. Today, Bubbaloo is sold in more than 25 countries and in three different continents across the world. It was the best gum ever. Best Wishes, Albert Baroody. For the most part, these came in either 2 sticks or 5 sticks to a pack. I used certs to help me quit smoking, I always carried a roll of speartment in my shirt pocket. Chiclets Fruit Gum. I will post the link here when he sends it. I did find a source at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg NY. Had to be Chum-Gum. You can still order the Long Coconut boys and Squirrel Zippers online. click here to shop the thousands of candies, Beccas Brilliant Candy Blogs, Round 2: Begin,, Live in Indy, would walk past a neighborhood store on way to school bus stop, I always got some Chum Gum before getting on bus. Does anyone remember when Planters Peanuts (the 5 cent package) offered the enticement "You could find a nickle , dime or quarter in this package"? $19.95. Fleer was based in Philadelphia at the time. When she was old enough shed reach in my pocket and ask for one. We got our Chum Gum at Bill Meadow's Gulf gas station in Colbert, GA. I cant believe they discontinued my favorite Wazoo Bars. Every time we went I got him a case of something and mailed it to him. Flavors were raw imitations of pop (soda). I grew up on a street in the LA area in the 60s and 70s. THANK YOU, just purchased 4 sticks from ebay! We used to get Marathon bars up at the store at the Dells Camp Resort just outside of Wisconsin Dells. I think it would be a big hit (with potty-based humour at an all-time high with kids). The longer that plaque and tartar remain on your teeth, the more they irritate the gingiva, the part of your gum around the base of your teeth, causing inflammation. I too have wonderful memories of walking to the corner store for Chum Gum and Bub's Daddy in the yardstick pkg. So, it was very odd to me that after I had not had any Brachs Red Twists for several years had even forgot about them that I was at a Speedway Gas Station on the South Side of Bloomington, Indiana. But they were GOOD! Oh my goodness! (3 stick package) Can anybody remember the names of the 3 cent candy bars? My favourite candy its my trademark when nurses see me they ask for a cert please bring back. I remember ChumGumit had a sweet and unique flavor. I grew up in El Dorado, Arkansas and remember chewing Chum Gum! I'm 51 in Cincinnati and I can't believe so many people remember Chum Gum. Two for a penny and with a dime i would fill my mouth with 20 sticks and chew until I couldn't move my jaw any more. I wish Tootsie Roll administrators could see the number of people searching for this gum. I remember sitting with my grandfather and he always had a pack of it. I love all of you, my wife thinks I'am nuts. . Sadly, they have been discontinued as they were part of the NECCO line that disappeared when the company went bankrupt. Those were the good ole days! Id give my eyeteeth for just one more spin with Chum Gum. One of his first bubble gum creations was Blibber Blubber, which came out in 1906. I buy them for my mother, they are exactly the same is the marathon, even the same braided shape. 2 for a penny. It was silky smooth and it was the best gum for blowing huge bubbles. It is my all time favorite gum and I've been looking for it for years. The flavor didn't last long, but it was unique! Oh, to smell those again! Wish they would bring it back, along when life was simple and carefree. Used to visit that Topps store with my mother, as a kid. From 1963, a newspaper ad for the Racine, Wis., Neisner Bros. variety store (5c to $1.00). Oh, if they would only bring Chum Gum back! I also loved the little hotdog gum--that was very tasty too. There was a small corner market (Rosita & 5th) that sold many of the "treats" I fondly remember like Scooter Pies, licorice by the foot, pixie sticks, Kits and my all time favorite Chum Gum. bannatyne bank holiday opening times, celebrities with mouth corner dimples, dupage county police scanner,
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